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What does "bonus" mean to you?

A "bonus"...what does that mean to you?

Extra money at work for a job well done? A holiday bonus? A bonus round on the Wheel of Fortune? On a video game? A slot machine?

The word "bonus" has taken on an entirely new meaning for me since raising my boys in a split family.

What was my latest bonus? I saw my boys on a day that I'm normally not given the opportunity. It was this past Sunday afternoon and I was finishing up my jobs around the ranch and I heard Scotch going crazy, the sounds of all terrain vehicles, so I simply looked out of Logan's room to see Riley and Logan down by their lime pile. They were down helping their Papa build his building on the next 40 acres over and came down to feed their calves; I was fortunate enough to see them, to hug them, to chat with them, but most importantly to have them on the ranch and at our home. What was I feeling? Pure joy.

It's a short and simple blog, but it was necessary for me to express that not all bonuses come in monetary forms; for those of us doing co-parenting........a surprise view, an unexpected "hey mom or dad" a hug, high five or giggle is all we need to forge forward to the next time they are at our homes.

It amazes me how many moments I used to take for granted, which I now consider a bonus.

So, what does a 'bonus' mean to you? Remove the monetary value and I think your bonuses will become more substantial no matter what your situation is.

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