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AAA - Acne, Asthma, Apprehension

Wow, if only I could call AAA and they would come to the rescue. I pay for their services and they come in handy, but unfortunately they are not for acne, asthma or apprehension. I just said goodbye to a majority of my heart for a week and if only they could come to the rescue for the acne, asthma and apprehension or better yet my heart that feels likes it's outside of me; I think I'd pay triple, actually, I am not sure I can put a price tag on that.

Acne - Wow, two zits (I've pictured one and yes, I've had one on my forehead for over a week already, so I can't count him....yes, I name my zits - he's) emerged today. I'd like to say I feel like I am in middle school again, but to be honest I have had more acne in my 30's than in middle school. Social media/news has good, bad, and otherwise, you read everyday about entire families losing their lives, children being tragically lost, mom's, dad's, etc. Every day is a gift - I learn that more and more each day. I think that is why I get so exhausted with negativity and needy people, it is because in the end we are all so fortunate to still be here. Stop checking your work email from home, stop being consumed with trivial matters, but mainly stop allowing others to have ownership of your feelings and better yet, your FACE. :-)

Asthma - Poor Homer, MN, you are so pretty, but you give me asthma. Well, I am not sure what REAL asthma is, but I swear when I get two miles from you to pick up or drop off you arrive. (Or, when I attempt to run, climb Garvin, or jaunt up 24 flights of stairs) I can't breath, I want to grab a paper bag, I feel like I have to focus on breathing. This isn't about who the boys are with, it is about them not being with their mom. Cripes, I love those two little boys, what will I do when they get big? Will I say, CRIPES, I love my two big men? I bet I will.

Apprehension - feeling anxiety about the future; anticipation of adversity. CRIPES. For those of you reading this who know me, you know CRIPES is a huge part of my vocabulary. Yes, I have said it a couple of times in the asthma paragraph, but I will tell you I don't fear their week, I sent them away with a smile and a "go and have the best time with your dad", but of course I am apprehensive because R and L are my boys and any time they are not with me, just like any parent there will be some apprehension; it's called being a parent and that in itself may need AAA. (I think I am onto a new business adventure for parents....ha ha)

It's odd my friends/family, my heart left with them....."4 hugs for everyone/everyday, 8 for happy people everyday and 12 to be a better person" they know the 'shortened' version of what they need, but also what they need to give. They counted to 24.......I love these my two little men; I am good with words, but to put that love into words, I can't do it. Those feelings/words remain with their mom and only their JJD.

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