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24 hours - We all have that in a day

"Many things aren't equal, but everyone gets the same 24 hours, 7 days a week."

24 hours ago I stumbled upon them, just like this.

10:00 pm; What I will never begin to explain to any of you until you see it person is their relationship, their understanding of one another, and their love. One day I will be writing to tell you that Logan broke Riley's heart and you know what he won't mean to do so, it will just happen. They don't clash; their personalities will make those who crave their attention- clash. Logan won't want this, but to his defense he won't be able to prevent it. And, as their mom we will own it, deal with it, and persevere.

2:00 am: I woke up, I went in, looked in, checked in and then I made a list. A list of to do's, a list of wants/needs. I should say I added to the list, it is a Tuesday night on a non- SRR weekend, I don't sleep, I pretend to rest. In a mere 5 hours I say good bye until Sunday, usually Monday, but Riley turns 10 on Sunday (more on that later) so I get them on Sunday instead. You gave up your four hour birthday time to not disrupt dad's weekend because in the end Jolene the selfish card was turned in when you became a mom.

5:00 am: You're tired, but Scotch needs to be walked and it's cinnamon roll Wednesday so get your priorities in line DANCA and walk/run the dog and preheat the oven.

6:00 am: Wake them, kiss them, love them, REPEAT. Sit on the couch when you know there are needs, but you also know that tomorrow none of the above are an option.

6:30 am: Cinnamon Rolls and conversation

7:15 am: Papa K comes, we discuss Riley being 10 on Sunday and both shutter at the realization. Both give me as many kisses and hugs to last until they come back to SRR and you wish them well to have a good time at their dads.

7:25 am: You get ready for work, in tears, 13 days with the two little men that make your world go round, what, they are gone? Yes, but you have a job and they need their time with their dad, so you move forward.

8:00 am - 3:00 pm - Assistant Principal Danca - love my job and love my peeps who get it, but you never check out.

Second Masters or not? The question is up to you Danca. (still undecided) Where is the doctorate Danca? You have way more than enough credits.

4:30 pm: arrive home late to greet your friends who came to say hi and visit, CRIPES I miss people, I have space and love for them, just need the time, I need to make the time.

5:00 pm: grab the sheets from the barn, it's time to wash and get ready to clean the ranch tonight check in is Friday but tomorrow is a LONG day 7 am to 7 pm at the minimum

5:30 pm: time to mow, wow, it's slippery and the dew made it difficult

7:00 pm: head down to the barn, clean and get through the check list.

9:45 pm: walk up the hill, change out the laundry, put Scotch away for the night and make tomorrow's list.

I missed so many things throughout the day; good, bad and otherwise. Phone calls, irrational requests for receipts for school supplies, friends in court dealing with garbage, three more ranch bookings, facetime with the parents, hugs and kisses for up to 5 days for your littles, messages letting you know we are doing a biopsy on one of your favorite peeps pancreases next week, learning about dental appointments for your sons one day before they arrive, it does not matter my friends we are all given 24 hours. Please, do with it what you want, but I will tell you there are SO many people who would give ANYTHING to have 24 more hours. I did not even touch the surface, but what I did get to do today was to find a way to make others smile, communicate with those I love and I got to breathe. It's that simple, I am still here as a mom, educator, co worker, entrepreneur, friend, sister, and daughter. (DISCLAIMER: I should not need one; but, not in any particular order, and sorry for the missing of some of the roles I left out of the list)

"Many things aren't equal, but everyone gets the same 24 hours, 7 days a week."

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