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"With wisdom comes the desire for simplicity."

I have learned so much over the last six years about myself as a mom. I almost ran out of my office to get home to my boys last night. I had to make a stop at the grocery store and pick up food as they said we had "nothing" and they requested Chinese food for supper too. I won't lie, when I don't have them for four days my fridge looks a bit sparse. I love to cook, but only when it is for them or for others. Cooking for one; peanut butter toast and a glass of milk will do.

I've learned over the past six years that nights like we had last night are simple, but simple is what we all should embrace and appreciate.

As we walked, Logan held my hand and we talked about our weekends. We talked about prom, and he said, "you will be my date for prom, right mom?" It's simple, in the eyes of Logan who turns 8 in September, I'll go with my mom to prom. The tears were welling up in my eyes as so many thoughts/questions ran through my mind, "he wants to go to prom with his mom, he will be going to prom in 9 years, how is he almost already 8 years old, how did I get so lucky to be mom to these two little men?" He proceeded to say, "mom, I snuggle you more than Riley, don't I?" He does, but to me I appreciate their differences. Riley chimed in, "Logan, I snuggle mom, but you hog her so it makes it hard sometimes to get to her first."

Watching and listening to Riley and Logan play in the lime, walk in the creek, redo their failing dam in the creek, and finally climbing the hay bale and talking to the cows; my heart was content, I felt complete, and it was simple.

I've learned through the wisdom I've acquired from life circumstances that simplicity wins. The night I had with my boys last night was simple.

"Simple: easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty."

I know parenting won't always be simple, but my love for them is simple, it is easily done and although I'd love to have them every day, I've realized to make each moment count, each day matter - it's just that simple.

"With wisdom comes the desire for simplicity."

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