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Mom. Entrepreneur. Educator

Mom. Entrepreneur. Educator

"The only things you can take with you when you leave this world are things you've packed inside your heart."

Entrepreneur and Educator are in no particular order, but no matter what I do in my lifetime I take the most pride in being Riley and Logan's mom.

Mom - Mother's Day to me is/was just another day. I joked with both of them that they had to buy lunch on Mother's Day, asked them where my breakfast in bed was, and made silly comments all day, but the most important part of that day and any other day is the time I get to spend with them.

As a mom I want to know that I am raising good men. Test scores, grades, academic abilities they matter, but not nearly as much as raising good little men. Are Riley and Logan smart? Of course they are. Do they do well on tests? Yes, they are intelligent boys, but more important than that they have work ethic.

But, when I attend conferences or see their teachers I always ask, "Are they good people?" That is the most important thing to me as a mom. I always tell people I can fix the rest; if they struggle with math, I'll find a way to help them or find coping skills for them. You can't just "cope" with disrespect, unruly behavior, entitlement, lack of work ethic, etc. I also want to raise boys who know it's safe to make mistakes; I want boys who "own" their mistakes and grow from them in a positive manner.

I am a mom who enjoys to do things with her boys. I like to do anything outdoors with them, I like to take them places, I like to show them new things, I simply love to spend time with Riley and Logan. I remember all of the trips we went on as kids with my parents and how important those experiences were. I remember traveling with my family and I want to provide my boys with those same experiences. I do believe that travel also teaches children patience, adaptability, tolerance, appreciation, how to roll with the punches, and much more.....just too much to list. Take time to show your kids the world outside even if it is just a walk down the block, a hike in your backyard, or a trip to a local/state park.

"Adventure is worthwhile."

I could go on and on about Riley and Logan and being their mom, but don't worry I'll be back in future blogs about my boys.

Educator as the role of mom- A student just walked up to me yesterday and said, "Happy Belated Mother's Day Ms. Danca." I teach a lot of the same things as an educator as I do as a mom, I want to guide students to be good people. Of course I want them to grow and excel academically, socially, emotionally, athletically and in the arts, but I want to help mold great citizens- respectful young adults. I can't even begin to count how many times in my years in education when I have been called mom. I do know I take care of kids and play a valuable role in their lives as an educator.

Entrepreneur - A huge thank you to each and every person who has walked through the ranch doors and played a mom role to me. (the male guests who have helped, I appreciate you too in your dad role) We have spent hours in the barn discussing issues, solving issues, and "figuring it out." It is amazing to think of the wonderful individuals the ranch has provided to my family.

My own mom - And of course my own mom; I did not talk about her last because she's least important I just saved her because I knew she would read the entire blog and I wanted to leave her with a huge thank you. Thank you for loving me, thank you for continually supporting me no matter what, thank you for NEVER missing a sporting event in my high school career and being my biggest fan throughout my college volleyball career. Thank you mom for everything I've missed thanking you for. I love you.

I'll leave you with what prompted this blog and the quote I started the blog with:

"The only things you can take with you when you leave this world are things you've packed inside your heart."

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