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As Small Business Week Concludes....

"The goal for every business is this: put yourself in your customer's place." I do this daily, not always physically, but always mentally and emotionally as I think about Scrappin' on the Ranch.

What happened this week on the ranch?

Monday - the boys and I went down to the barn; I made a few beds and they cleaned the shower for me. Sometimes we multitask, they clean the shower while also getting their shower in for the night (hence the walk back up in their pj's - pictured below)

Tuesday - about 30 more minutes of ranch work while they did their homework and read.

Wednesday - I finished the ranch list to get it ready for the arrival of guests on Thursday. Now the "list" includes mowing, trimming, weeding, etc. The arrival of spring/summer on the ranch means the arrival of yard work. For those of you have yet to visit the ranch I am always up to something. Whether I am making a new perennial garden, adding to the lawn, or just moving plants to a new location I am always trying to improve the ranch aesthetically.

Thursday - In the morning before work I did one final walk through of the ranch to make sure things were "just right" for my guests. When I got home from dinner I had a long chat with the crew on the ranch. I signed their frequent visitor cards (which were FULL for two of the guests)

-After five bookings on the ranch: Add an additional night to your stay for free or choose a Scrappin on the Ranch Logo Item-

Also, another ranch visitor arrived with his drone and took some awesome ranch pictures. I have shared one, many more to follow. Wow, what a neat place the boys and I get to call home and even better yet what a great opportunity we have to share it with others.

Friday - I chatted with a ranch guest as she was sitting enjoying the beautiful morning on the deck before leaving for work. It was a very short stay at work and a few hour stay in the ER, Logan had an unfortunate accident at first base during phy ed class and broke his collar bone.

We finished the day with planting, mowing and gardening. The boys each planted their own pallet gardens and have their own space in our family garden.

Saturday - Riley is out moral hunting, the couple who is getting married on the ranch in a few weeks is out doing prep work, I am obviously recounting my week before I head out for more ranch work, and Logan is trying to get through day two of "feeling useless" as he just said moments ago as I was typing this. I can hear the ladies down in the barn - chatting, laughing, and enjoying their morning. What will Saturday bring? Smiles, accomplishments, projects and family time.

As you can see a ranch week is not calm, but we do find time to enjoy what we have built and the place we get to call home.

Thursday morning ranch ready

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