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"Business is all about well you build them.....determines how well they build your business."

On Tuesday the ranch welcomed the turkey hunters. I came home from work and was greeted with a big hug from them. I see these individuals once a year, but the relationships I've established with them is what makes the business succeed and provides me with the motivation to continue on this journey.

This morning the turkey hunters departed at about 4 am and I went down to get the ranch ready for today's check in. What does"ranch ready" mean? Ranch ready means not forgetting a step, hence the need for a checklist. Ranch ready isn't just about the cleaning, it is about envisioning the memories made during the last stay and the memories about to be created with the check in of the new group. Turkey hunters left at 4 am; crafters arrived about 9 am.

Some of you might be does that work?

The coffee pot was full, the sheets were in hand, and determination to complete the cleaning was on my mind at 4:08 this morning. I had the thought to possibly start in another room this morning, but it just didn't seem right to start in the bathroom so off to the loft I went. Beds first, floors next, stairs following that and then the main level takes on a new level of "routine" all on it's own. The checklist makes sure I don't miss a step, but also forces me to focus on one area until it is complete.

As I check items off the list, of course it is a feeling of accomplishment, but it also means I am one step closer to having guests arrive on the ranch - the best feeling.

I made it to work with time to spare- my morning was busy, but it was fun. From removing and cleaning the shower head, vacuuming rugs, scrubbing floors to making sure the group had enough hand towels -the "checklist" was complete and new guests arrived on the ranch.

From 4:08 am to 7:08 am I went from ranch cleaner/owner to assistant principal, but the consistent piece in both roles is: relationships.

Don't overlook the value in creating and sustaining relationships.

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