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Ranch Routine

A day in the ranch life: up at 4:30 doing laundry and getting ready for the wake up call of two little men at 5. Dog walking. Both up by 5. Cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Bus was early today, 10 minutes means a lot to them and me. They missed feeding their calves, so I did it for them. They missed their hugs, their "love you long time" from mom. Which led me to thinking of the word, ROUTINE.

Routine - "a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program."

Routine, my life with Riley and Logan, my life on the ranch is so much beyond a routine, but when the simple things are messed up you realize there is some routine to your life and routine is ok to follow and certainly more than ok to veer from.

Today's routine may not have been the normal routine, but I appreciate all that it was and what I learned about my boys throughout this day.

They appreciate, they love, they understand, they care, they SLEEP.

They appreciate- every moment we spend together.

They love- one another - they both have queen beds now but have decided the weeknights with mom will consist of one night separate, two nights in the same bed - rotating rooms.

They understand - when mom cooks in the barn and highs and lows occur at the barn table.

They care - Riley grabbed a barn checklist to start during supper without me asking him and Logan was cleaning window sills without direction.

They sleep - I never tire of checking on them while they are sleeping. They certainly stole my heart.

The ranch has provided my boys to have a capacity of empathy and I am so fortunate for that.

Your routine may not be what you want for the day, week and/or month but remember:

"Sometimes a break from your routine is the very thing you need."

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