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Women In Business - My Ranch Journey

Good morning from Scrappin' on the Ranch:

On my 4 am walk down to the barn this morning; I stopped to listen to the sounds in the valley and thought more about my presentation on the ranch today. I've talked about the ranch now for six years and I never tire of it. I love being able to offer my place, my story without any pressure for anyone to listen or come visit. Sure the ranch helps to support the boys and I in a financial way, but does so much more for me, the owner - in an emotional way. The ranch has supported me through stages in my life which were hard to endure alone. I have had the opportunity of sharing the ranch with well over 1,000 people who have walked through the doors of the ranch in six years; some more than once, some up to 12 times in six years. I talk a lot about relationships in my work as an educator and leader and believe in those same values as a business owner and leader of Scrappin' on the Ranch. I have a hard time finding the right words to describe the feeling I get when driving down Stone Roller Road to find cars parked in front of the ranch, the feelings I have when I look down from my house (across the road from the ranch) and see people in the barn, (the place I envisioned and built from the ground up) the times a ranch guests' smile, hug, or personal story has turned my day/night around, the way the boys talk about the ranch to others, the impact the ranch has had on me - thankful, proud, happy, driven, enthusiastic - those words/feelings are only a start. My final thought this morning, a question I was asked numerous times again this week from my boys, from my friends/family, from my guests, "Mom/Jolene do you ever get tired?" I can't say this enough; sure, I have moments when I get tired, but my boys, the ranch, my family/friends, my work - they give me energy - I can't stress that enough. Today I get to tell a bit of my story at the Winona Women in Business Organizations monthly luncheon and as their Vice President I am excited to continue to help this organization grow, but also support any/all women with leadership and entrepreneurship goals.

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