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Mornings on the ranch

Making the ranch a priority

"You have to get up every day and tell yourself,

"I can do this." Good morning.

The past two days I have been down in the barn by 3:45 am and in six years I can't even begin to count the number of early mornings I have spent in the barn. Those mornings are meant to provide me with some "me" time, but have also provided the most inspiration to this ongoing question, "what changes, adjustments, upgrades can I make to the ranch to provide more for my guests/visitors?" But the past two days were different, I went down to the barn even earlier to avoid missing a minute with Riley and Logan. What does being a single mom with a business look like? It has meant adjusting my schedule to be sure I include them in the ranch, which I do most of the time (pictured below is them last night filling ice and cleaning window sills) as I believe in what the ranch has taught them and will continue to teach them in terms of "work ethic" and "family business values." But, it also means when they are off to Dad's on a Wednesday morning making sure I schedule my time to be "present" when they are with me. I love mornings, my boys love mornings, and I want to be both physically and mentally present when they are with me. I want the ranch work done before we start our morning together. So, what does a typical morning on the ranch look like? My ranch work (if I have any for the week) is done by 4:45, because they like a 5 am wake up kiss on the forehead from mom, one of the best parts of my days, but it is also time for extra hugs, kisses, and smiles. For the past five years, Wednesday mornings are my least favorite of the week, but I've learned to be more "present" with my children and focus on how this has changed me as a mom for the better. The dishes and floors can wait; the conversation, hugging and kissing cannot. Every Wednesday morning Logan leaves me a note/picture on the whiteboard on our counter, another part of our ranch mornings.

The way you choose to start your mornings is up to you, but choose to do it in such a way that it sets a tone for your day. I get my energy from Riley and Logan and from my passion for people in all facets of my life. You may be up doing a workout at 4 am or having your 5th cup of coffee by 6 am; no matter how you choose to start your day I truly believe energy comes from what drives us as individuals. As simple as it may seem, there truly is so much behind the scenes "ranch work" that is unseen and some of it happens during the early morning hours on Stone Roller Road.

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