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We enjoy so much when guests make our place their destination.  We have gained so many good friends over the years with our guests.  They get a tranquil place to do what they want to do.  Whether it's just a get-away, a family get-together, a group that is traveling through the area, etc., they all feel at home staying with us.  They leave relaxed, rejuvenated and in many cases they return again for another stay.

Comments - Scrappin on the Ranch
Scrappin on the Ranch

“We had so much fun!  The weekend went by way too quickly!  Beautiful ranch & are already planning our trip back!”

Hiking Trails - Scrappin on the Ranch

“Thanks for a great stay over my 50th Birthday  We had a lot of fun exploring local hiking/biking trails and resting/recovering each night!” 

Interior - Scrappin on the Ranch

“It's been a relaxing get-away and a great space for the family to hang out.  We loved having Grandma join us for 2 nights and sleeping in the loft.  Thank you for sharing this beautiful spot with us!”

Cattle - Scrappin on the Ranch

“This was hands down our favorite family vacation!  So relaxing!  It's so hard to find a place that fits the needs of our 5 kids to play and have fun.  My kids loved playing in the creek, talking with the cows, playing games outside, making smores, and playing in the sandbox with the trucks.  The adults loved not being able to hear any traffic and listen to the crickets while sitting around a crackling fire.  Loved every day of it and wished we could have stayed longer.  Thank you Jolene and God Bless!”

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