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"Business is all about relationships....how well you build them.....determines how well they build your business." On Tuesday the ranch welcomed the turkey hunters. I came home from work and was greeted with a big hug from them. I see these individuals once a year, but the relationships I've established with them is what makes the business succeed and provides me with the motivation to continue on this journey. This morning the turkey hunters departed at about 4 am and I went down to get the ranch ready for today's check in. What does"ranch ready" mean? Ranch ready means not forgetting a step, hence the need for a checklist. Ranch ready isn't just about the cleaning, it is about envisio

Ranch Routine

A day in the ranch life: up at 4:30 doing laundry and getting ready for the wake up call of two little men at 5. Dog walking. Both up by 5. Cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Bus was early today, 10 minutes means a lot to them and me. They missed feeding their calves, so I did it for them. They missed their hugs, their "love you long time" from mom. Which led me to thinking of the word, ROUTINE. Routine - "a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program." Routine, my life with Riley and Logan, my life on the ranch is so much beyond a routine, but when the simple things are messed up you realize there is some routine to your life and routine is ok to follow and certainly more than

Women In Business - My Ranch Journey

Good morning from Scrappin' on the Ranch: On my 4 am walk down to the barn this morning; I stopped to listen to the sounds in the valley and thought more about my presentation on the ranch today. I've talked about the ranch now for six years and I never tire of it. I love being able to offer my place, my story without any pressure for anyone to listen or come visit. Sure the ranch helps to support the boys and I in a financial way, but does so much more for me, the owner - in an emotional way. The ranch has supported me through stages in my life which were hard to endure alone. I have had the opportunity of sharing the ranch with well over 1,000 people who have walked through the doors o

Mornings on the ranch

"You have to get up every day and tell yourself, "I can do this." Good morning. The past two days I have been down in the barn by 3:45 am and in six years I can't even begin to count the number of early mornings I have spent in the barn. Those mornings are meant to provide me with some "me" time, but have also provided the most inspiration to this ongoing question, "what changes, adjustments, upgrades can I make to the ranch to provide more for my guests/visitors?" But the past two days were different, I went down to the barn even earlier to avoid missing a minute with Riley and Logan. What does being a single mom with a business look like? It has meant adjusting my schedule to be s

The Entrance

Seven years ago when I first stepped into the barn entrance I didn't see either of these two pictures, but I did see an opportunity. From the first time I stepped in I knew I could make the ranch into something more. I didn't have all of the answers on that day, but I knew which direction I was headed. That day was the day I knew the entrance would change on the barn and I also knew how my mind entered each day would change too. "She turned her cant's into cans and her dreams into plans." In the next two weeks I plan to remind myself of how this all came true, thank everyone who has helped my family maintain and sustain the ranch for the last six years, and develop a plan for our future at

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